Bluetooth GPS Module LD 4W - Pair with another device

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Pair with another device

Before you can use the GPS module, you must pair it with a
compatible device.

With some GPS applications, you can pair and connect the
GPS module within the application without using the
Bluetooth menu of your device. See the user guide of the
GPS application.

If you have previously connected other GPS devices to your
phone, remove their pairings from the device before pairing
the GPS module.

To pair the GPS module in the Bluetooth menu, do the

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1. Ensure that the GPS module and your compatible device

are switched on.

2. Activate the Bluetooth feature on the device, and set it

to search for Bluetooth devices.

3. Select the GPS module (Nokia LD-4W) from the list of

found devices.

4. Enter the passcode 0000 to pair and connect the GPS

module to your device. In some devices you may need to
make the connection separately after pairing. You only
need to pair the GPS module with your device once.

5. Start using the GPS application.

When the GPS module is connected to your device, the
Bluetooth indicator light flashes blue.

You can pair the GPS module with up to eight compatible
devices, but you can connect it to only one at a time.

If you need to disconnect the GPS module, switch it off, or
disconnect it in the Bluetooth menu of the device or in the
application that you used to establish the connection.

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